Welcome Spring!!!!

Ahhhhh! Spring is FINALLY here!! The weather today {here} was simply beautiful and was a wonderful introduction to the new season! I do enjoy the perks of every season, but something about Spring, with everything 'waking' up gives a sense of excitement and new birth!! To welcome in the new season, we all do a little something like spring cleaning, re organize {ahhh!}, change things up a little, re decorate :).  Here are some photos and color schemes {think greens and white!} to think about!
Green moss sphere atop something white or silver {courtesy of my dining room}

Birds Nest with Eggs! (I have a few smaller nests on my dining room table as a centerpiece...super spring-y!)

How about a Happy Easter banner found here

Check out this shop off etsy! Tons of cute easter/spring accessories for the whole family!
Don't want to spend alot of money on decorations for just a little while? Try placing some cherry blossoms or willow branches (if you don't have access to some...make your own) shown in a vase like this:

How about some easy DIY half day projects to get you started? Check out this link for some ideas!

So there you have it! Hope you find something that catches your eyes! This is what a little sunshine and temperatures over 55 degrees will do to me! Be sure to check back within the next couple of days. I went thrifting today....and got a couple of small things I am super excited about fancy-ing up alittle, then showing you!

Have a great 'Springy' Sunday!!


  1. Love it! Can't wait to have my own home to decorate! I started buying a few little things here and there already lol

  2. What lovely ideas and beautiful and cheerful pictures! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment on my niche. x Sharon


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